Do you know attachment parenting?

Attachment parenting, loved by some - misunderstood by others. I am a mom to two children - I love being a mom and have found there are many joys with this kind of parenting for both kids and parents.  Natural parenting might not be for everyone, but there are many aspects of it that are appreciated by a great majority of parents.


Did you know that your baby's brain is only 80% developed by the time she turns 2 years old?  More and more parents are concerned about vaccinations and desire an alternative vaccination schedule.  Find out what aluminum and thimerosal (mercury) have to do with some vaccinations and why that information might be important to you. 

Have you wondered what the causes of miscarriage are as well as the signs of miscarriage?  Might you possibly be able to prevent a future miscarriage?  Consider some important tips for a healthy pregnancy diet - and how to alleviate morning sickness.

Attachment Parenting Decisions

Compare baby carriers and find out why so many moms and dads love the ergo baby carrier.  When it comes to childbirth, there are so many options - find out what they are.  And, if you are a fan of the family bed - how do you make it safe?  As your child grows, you have more decisions to make.  To homeschool or not to homeschool. We will present some pros and cons of homeschooling for consideration. 

Perhaps for you, it's instinctive, as it is with me.  That involves being with your kids, as an educator, comforter and playmate.

I, like yourself, am prompted by a desire to "grow" my child every step of the way. I want to be physically and emotionally present and available for my kids - from infancy through their adolescence.

Although well meant, there may be censure from family and friends.  "Vaccinate!", or "Don't vaccinate!", "It's time to stop breastfeeding", "The family bed is dangerous", "Stop carrying him because he's too heavy", "You're going to turn him into a mama's boy", etc.  Maybe you've already experienced it.

Attachment parenting is based on principles, not strict rules that can be worked into every family. Each family is different and the needs differ also.  This website will give you the options and support to make attachment parenting work 'just right' for you and your circumstances - all for the love of parenting.

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