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The alternative vaccination schedule Dr. Sears promotes offers two options for vaccines. These alternatives are becoming increasingly popular as the vaccination controversy continues to rage and parents want alternatives to the conventional schedule.

What's different about this alternative vaccination schedule?

In contrast to the alternative vaccination schedule of Dr Miller whose schedule starts at 2 years and the alternative schedule of Dr Stephanie Cave whose schedule starts at 4 months - Dr Sears offers two options that each start at 2 months as is conventional but spaces them out differently as is listed below.

In addition to following an alternative vaccination schedule, many parents administer Probiotics to fortify their child's immune system by building a healthy gut. When our daughter was born our naturopath recommended Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child and it has been our go-to reference for years now.

Why not follow the CDC recommendations?

One of the biggest problems many parents have with immunizations is the vaccine ingredients.

Dr. Sears asserts:

"By only giving two vaccines at a time (instead of as many as 6), I decrease the chance of chemical overload from grouping so many vaccines chemicals all together at once. This allows a baby's body to better detoxify the chemicals one or two at a time."

Dr. Robert Sears, MD. author of "The Vaccine Book: Making the Right Decision for Your Child", recommends that kids get all the shots and start at 2 months, as do conventional shots, but spread them out more.

For example he recommends splitting up the MMR into individual shots instead of all on the same day at 12 months. This might be difficult to do, though, since at the time of this writing it seems pharmaceutic companies are not making single doses of measles, mumps and rubella vaccinations - you might want to check.

Dr. Sears alternate vaccine schedule

  • 2 Months - DTaP (diphtheria, pertussis (whooping cough) and tetanus), Rotavirus

  • 3 Months - Pc(pneumococcal disease), HIB (Haemophilus influenzae type B)

  • 4 Months - DTaP, Rotavirus

  • 5 Months - Pc, HIB

  • 6 Months - DTaP, Rotavirus

  • 7 Months - Pc, HIB

  • 9 Months - Polio, Flu (2 doses)

  • 12 Months - Mumps, Polio

  • 15 Months - Pc, HIB

  • 18 Months - DTaP, Chickenpox

  • 21 Months - Flu

  • 2 Years - Rubella, Polio

  • 2 Years 6 Months - Hep B, Hep A

  • 3 Years - Hep B, Measles, Flu

  • 3 Years 6 Months - Hep B, Hep A

  • 4 Years - DTaP, Polio, Flu

  • 5 Years - MMR, Flu

  • 6 Years - Chickenpox

  • 12 Years - DTaP, HPV (papillomavirus - sexually transmitted infection)

  • 12 Years 2 Months - HPV

  • 13 Years - HPV, Meningococcal (Meningococcus - a bacterium that causes meningitis)

Alternative "Selective" schedule

For parents who want to avoid the more risky baby immunizations, Dr. Sears suggests the following "selective" schedule, although shots still start at 2 months:

  • 2 months - DTaP, Rotavirus

  • 3 months - Pc, HIB

  • 4 months - DTap, Rotavirus

  • 5 months - Pc, HIB

  • 6 months - DTap, Rotavirus

  • 7 months - Pc, HIB

  • 15 months - Pc, HIB

  • 18 months - DTaP, chickenpox

  • 21 months - Flu

  • 5 years - Tetanus booster

  • 10 years - Titer tests for measles, mumps, rubella, chickenpox, and hep A immunity consider a 3-dose polio series if travel to Africa or Asia

  • 11 years - HPV

  • 12 years - Hep B

Other things to think about

Elizabeth Cohen, senior medical correspondent for CNN's Health, Medical and Wellness unit and author of The Empowered Patient, lays out some general guidelines to think about when selecting an alternative vaccination schedule for young children. She says:

"Don’t give the Hepatitis B vaccine to newborns in the hospital. Because this shot can cause fever, lethargy, and poor feeding (problems you don’t want to see in a newborn), it’s better to delay this shot for the first two months of life, especially since the disease doesn’t even occur in newborns (it’s a sexually-transmitted disease)."

Ms. Cohen also suggests a titer test for various shots before doing boosters.

Are you one of the many parents concerned about the vaccination controversy and considering a non-conventional immunization schedule for your baby? Be assured - there are options.

Is one of Dr. Sears schedules right for your family? It can be confusing and it takes time to get through all the information in order to make that big decision. But, it will be time well spent when you will have chosen the "right" alternative vaccination schedule for children - your children. That gives peace of mind.

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