Attachment Theory - Bonding and Maintaining It

The attachment theory emphasizes how important parental bonding is to develop attachment that is secure with your baby and child in order to prevent insecurities.

The attachment theory was formulated by John Bowlby, psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and author of the book Attachment

. The basis for attachment parenting is based on your baby's need for safety, security and protection - this might be called, parenting for mental health.

Parenting for mental health is greatly aided by forming and maintaining healthy attachment and has long term benefits. The high demands society puts on children triggers anxiety, low self-esteem and insecurity. The attachment theory and attachment parenting helps address and perhaps even prevent these challenges.

Have you wondered, what is attachment parenting ? And, what kind of practical steps can you take to achieve bonding with baby and then maintaining it as your child grows older?

Attachment Theory and Bonding with Baby

Although studies show that learning and bonding starts with your baby in womb , clear bonding develops when your child is between six months and two years old.

The attachment theory emphasizes the importance of bonding with your baby when you spend time with her and are sensitive and responsive in a social way, resulting in quality time spent together.

This results in your baby forming a healthy bond to you that will make her feel happy and protected. With this as the motivation, more and more mammas decide to be a stay home mom .

As your child grows older the needs of your child change from being physically close to availability.

As a result, longer separations will be comfortable to your child with less clinging and following and greater self reliance.

Talk to baby: When you talk to your baby you accomplish several great things. The greatest is that it makes her feel close to you and makes her feel important. And, that aids bonding and makes her feel safe and loved.

When you

read to kids : the world seems to stand still and all there is, is you and your little one cuddling, immersed in a "good story". This is a good way to maintain attachment.

Dr William Sears is a pediatrician and co-author of The Attachment Parenting Book : A Commonsense Guide to Understanding and Nurturing Your Baby

and many other parenting books. Dr. Sears is a big advocate of co-sleeping, baby wearing, homeschooling and the breastfeeding toddler scenario.

As your child grows older the relationship needs constant maintenance to keep it strong. Engaging in family fun activities with your kids is a great way to achieve this. It's a relaxed way of spending time together, conducive to keeping the channel of communication open in order to maintain the bond.

By talking, listening and teaching your kids to reason they develop good problem-solving skills. It equips them with the principles they need to tackle difficulties successfully.

Every aspect of your child's growth is in your hands.

As the attachment theory emphasizes - when you bonding with your child you are emotionally involved and notice and acknowledge her actions and reactions. You prevent insecure attachment and its consequences.

Through parental bonding, your child learns about herself, and the world around her. She experiences emotions and learns how to cope with them. These babies are privileged to have attachment that is secure and grow into loving, secure people who succeed.

The attachment theory and all it stands for is beautiful. Emotional connections are made through bonding and healthy growth follows naturally. Knowing that this is parenting for mental health, the attachment parenting model is the parenting model of choice for more and more parents.

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