Baby In Womb - Intelligent And Learning

Your baby in womb is alive and learning every day. Not only are you starting to feel parental attachment but your baby is feeling emotions as well. As your pregnancy progresses your baby is affected by many things - even music in the womb.

baby in womb - 7 months

Aristotle asserted long ago that a baby's brain was a tabula rasa - a blank slate. However science now says that Aristotle was wrong. Everything you think as a pregnant woman generates an emotion that affects your baby in womb - security, serenity and tranquility for good, or anxiety, fear, and rage for bad. This can affect a baby's later emotional development and health.

Dr. Thomas Verny, in his book "The Secret Life of the Unborn Child" says:

"We now know that the unborn child is an aware, reacting human being who from the sixth month on (and perhaps even earlier) leads an active emotional life."

Fetus is 7 months old

How is this so and what can you do now to help grow a baby with healthy emotional attachments? First of all, understanding the incredible growth that happens beyond the general obvious in utero helps clarify.

baby in womb - 9 week old embryo

The development of the brain starts during the third week of pregnancy with approximately 125 000 cells and increases at the rate of 250 000 every minute. By the eighth week connections are starting to form between the neurons called synapses. At this time also, according to the book "A Child Is Born", "everything that will be found in the fully developed human being has...been established".

With baby in womb at 13 weeks taste buds are functioning as illustrated by the fetus' reaction to sugar being added to the amniotic fluid - he swallows twice as much. If something is added that doesn't taste good he won't swallow.

Photo of 9 week old embryo courtesy of euthman

"To a limited extent the fetus is able to hear, see, taste, smell, and feel in the intrauterine world", says neurologist Richard M. Restak.

The newborn remembers the mothers heartbeat from in utero being comforted by the sound of a heartbeat - crying less and doing better than babies without it. This was found to be so by researchers "only when the sound matched the volume to that found in utero".

baby in womb - 4 month old fetus

Your baby in womb also hears, reacts to and remembers things that happen on the outside. This is illustrated by your unborn baby's preference for Vivaldi and Mozart. Dr. Clements says, "whenever one of their soaring compositions was put on...fetal heart rates invariably steadied and kicking declined... All forms of rock, on the other hand, drove most fetuses to distraction."

An overwhelming number of studies prove that your baby's brain is not a blank slate! While in utero your unborn baby is feeling, learning and remembering.

So then, what can you do to ensure healthy emotional attachments while your baby in womb is learning?

Fetus is 4 months old

What matters most seems to be how you feel toward your baby when you are pregnant.

Dr. Thomas Verny speaks of a newborn baby who turned his head away in rejection to his mothers breast although it was offered, but breastfed willingly from a stranger with no problem. The mother admitted that from the start she didn't want to be pregnant or have a baby. Wow, powerful illustration of the point! Love and nurture your baby even in utero.

baby in womb - content mamma

Photo courtesy of fabiogoveia

Also, hormones related to anxiety and stress transfers into your bloodstream and can even affect your fetus. By trying to maintain a calm attitude during pregnancy you will be doing yourself a favor and protecting your baby from these negative emotions.

It seems that "extreme maternal distress" can even have physical consequences such as increased risk of prematurity and low birth weight. This is important to remember when pregnancy hormones heighten the emotions you feel.

The important role of the father has to be mentioned too. It has been said that "the best gift a child can receive is a father who loves its mother". A sensitive, gentle and loving father will care for mom and baby physically and emotionally resulting in your health and happiness, and by extension - your unborn baby's.

Finally, don't forget the reminder to get enough rest. When I am physically tired I'm an emotional wreck!

So, even though this is the most quiet he will ever be, baby in womb is taking it all in. Your parental attachment, reading and talking to him affectionately - even music in the womb affects your baby's well being.

Your unborn baby is already listening, observing and remembering. No matter what your schedule will demand of you after his birth, you are now with him 24/7. Cherish this time during your pregnancy and make it count for both of you!

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