Baby TrekkerVersatile and Comfortable Baby Carrier

My Baby Trekker was the first truly comfortable baby carrier I owned and loved. I've had nine different carriers. I found mine at a resale store and I wore my daughter in it for a long time right through her toddler years.

My Baby Trekker allowed me convenient bonding with baby time while accomplishing other tasks. Baby wearing is precious time together for an attachment parenting mama and her babe.

baby trekker

The Trekker is a great baby carrier and I love it for several reasons:

  • It is well padded and comfortable for the baby wearer and baby.
  • It adjusts to different sizes very well (my husband and myself both wore it).
  • It evens out the child's weight on the hips and back rather than the shoulders.
  • It allows your baby a variety of positioning options - even forward facing as well as a baby backpack carrier position.
  • It's strong and well made.
  • It's very soft.

The variety of carrying options were important to me because my needs and the needs of my daughter changed. When I prepared supper at the stove she went on my back for safety. When she got older she went on my back out of necessity - she was getting too heavy for me to carry on the front. Other times it was according to preference.

The outward front facing position is a major asset to this carrier! There were times when my daughter LOVED facing out to see the world. Then there were times when she became over stimulated by all the sights and facing me worked out best for her.

To see what is available in the

on E-Bay click here.

Now, because this baby carrier is not my ninth and current one, you might understand that it's not my very favorite. Here's why:

  • The seat base is not cupped or as wide and supportive as my Ergo Carrier.
  • The shoulder straps clip to fasten - a bit tedious.
  • The waist band had velcro to fasten - they've changed that now
  • The 'look' is big and bulky
  • As good as the comfort level is, it's not as comfortable as my Ergo.
  • It's too big for small infants.

Baby Trekker options

There are more options available now that I didn't have the luxury of taking advantage of at that time.

I didn't love the color I had, but now the variety is nice and you even have an 'organic cotton' option. Also, the waistband is no longer fastened with velcro.

Regarding the seat base - the inward facing positions, both on the front and the baby backpack carrier positions were fine. But, it was with both outward positions that I noticed my daughter just 'hanging there'. My daughter didn't seem to mind, but some say it's not good for the child's pelvis or spinal cord.

It's comfortable, well made and versatile. The Baby Trekker is bonding with baby made comfortable.  There are more options available now that I didn't have the luxury of taking advantage of at that time.

All in all, I still have very fond memories of baby wearing with my Baby Trekker. It was comfortable and worked very well for both myself and my baby. If you just can't afford a new baby carrier and you see one of these at a re-sale store - go for it!

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