Can I Do Homeschooling?

In addition to the desire to homeschool you need to ask "can I do homeschooling"? This requires an honest examination of personal and family circumstances.

Answering this question will help determine whether homeschooling can be successful in your family despite possible stresses, obligations, poor health or other circumstances that might make homeschooling too difficult to do well. This is an important consideration when looking at the pros and cons of homeschooling.

can I do homeschooling?

Are you a good multi-tasker? I have found this to be an important question when asking myself, "can I do homeschooling?", because I am not and it makes all the difference in how far you can spread your attentions and accomplish everything successfully.

For example - are you a mom, a wife, a household manager - cleaner, cook, caregiver, and do laundry? Do you do it all yourself - meaning no paid helpers? Do you work out of the home also? Every extra responsibility you have means time, energy and attention.

Remember also, homeschooling doesn't just mean giving your child home assignments but also making sure they are taken on field trips and regularly meet other people including kids around their age. How much is on your plate? Look objectively at your weekly schedule of obligations and responsibilities.

I have had to give consideration to the question of whether I can accomplish everything and do a good job of it all. Granted, there are many people who are incredible multi-taskers and, wow!, the difference in what they can accomplish is amazing! Hats off to multi-taskers! Maybe you are one of them.

Another consideration is health. Does your health or the health of one of your family members affect what you can do and how well? Health problems are a big consideration these days because they don't just hit the elderly - and they are a big stressor that affects the whole family and may make it very difficult to add to.

Related to health is considering whether you have the nerves and stamina for homeschooling.

"You might be working so hard you'll feel like quitting", says Brian Ray, director of the National Home Education Research Institute. "It's very demanding."

Joel Turtel, author of "Public Schools, Public Menace" says:

"Don't underestimate the commitment of time and dedication involved with homeschooling; whereas most teachers focus on a single grade level, you'll have to be prepared to learn a new curriculum each year as your kid(s) progresses through each grade level."

He also recommends talking to other parents who homeschool to get a realistic idea of what kind of sacrifices you will be making in terms of time, income, lifestyle, etc.

So, to homeschool or not to homeschool. Such a big question. By giving consideration to the above information you will be helped to sort out for your own family the pros and cons of homeschooling.

Can I do homeschooling? Only you can answer that question.

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