Doing Shots Earlier

by Kate
(Florida )

I was wondering if I can start the Dtap and Rotavirus vaccines at 7 weeks of age versus waiting for my daughter to turn 2 months of age? Is this possible? Are there any risk factors I need to worry about? I have two older children in school, and would like to not expose my baby to the possibility of whooping cough.

Kate as you probably have noticed there is a lot of variation regarding when is a good time to administer vaccines. While Dr. Sears' alternative vaccination schedule recommends starting DTaP and rotavirus at 2 months as does the CDC (Centers for disease control and prevention), Dr. Stephanie Cave recommends DTaP starting at 5 months and leaves out Rotavirus completely because the vaccine is a live virus. Dr. Donald Miller, on the other hand, doesn't recommend vaccinations at all until baby turns 2 years old. Interestingly, baby's brain is only 80% developed by the time she turns 2 years old. As a baby grows older ~ with each month of life the immune system becomes stronger and stronger.

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