Dr William Sears And Attachment Parenting

Dr William Sears is a pediatrician and leading proponent of the attachment parenting model of parenting.

Dr Sears encourages the family bed, breastfeeding, natural parenting, baby carriers and everything else that is attachment parenting.

You can use the box to the left to take a look at all the books written by Dr. Sears and his wife Martha.


  • Born in 1940 in the United States
  • Took residencies at the Harvard Medical School's Children's Hospital in Boston and the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto
  • Has authored or co-authored more than 30 parenting books
  • He and his wife, who is a registered nurse, have 8 children
  • Three of his sons are doctors, one is studying medicine
  • One daughter has downs syndrome
  • He has been a guest on more than 100 television talk shows

His most notable works are as follows:

  • The Baby Book (1993)
  • The Discipline Book (1995)
  • SIDS: A Parent's Guide to Understanding and Preventing Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (1996)
  • The Attachment Parenting Book (2001)
  • The Successful Child: What Parents Can Do to Help Kids Turn Out Well (2002)
  • The Healthiest Kid In The Neighborhood (2006)
  • The Pregnancy Book
  • The Birth Book
  • Parenting the Fussy Baby
  • The A.D.D. Book
  • The Breastfeeding Book
  • The Family Nutrition Book

Dr Sears and his wife, Martha are professionals who have also implemented in their own family the principals of attachment parenting. After trying it the conventional way with some of their older children they welcomed subsequent babies into the family bed. They also took breastfeeding - extended breastfeeding very seriously.

Dr Bill - as he is known by many - pediatrician and father seems to have all the credentials.

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