How does the Ergo Baby Carrier compare with others?

The Ergo baby carrier is hailed by many parents as best of baby carriers on the market. There are so many different kinds though - Tula, Bjorn and Mei Tai carriers, it can be challenging trying to sort through them to make the choice!

La Stella Blu Baby Carriers

Looking at baby carrier reviews can help differentiate between kinds of carriers and which ones are most comfortable - they are not all created equal!

From the time I had my daughter till now with my two and a half year old son I am an avid baby wearer and attachment parenting mama. I have bought and tried many carriers of different kinds and brands in order to find the 'perfect one'. My ninth and current carrier is the Ergo baby carrier, and I can't say enough good things about it. It is fabulous!

I have found the Ergo Baby Carrier to be:

  • very comfortable without putting too much pressure on any body part
  • very comfortable for my son
  • it adjusts well to my husband's size (6' 200lb.)
  • quick to put on and take off
  • easy and uncomplicated to maneuver-on,off,around

Did you know there are 6 different models? Click here to see the differences between each Ergo Carrier

The Tula and Ergo carriers are head to head contenders.  They are considered similar in that they both are designed to carry children comfortably - with wide, padded straps for mom and deep seats for baby/toddler.  Some have been dissatisfied with the Tula because it seemed flimsy or even ripped.  Others prefer the fabric colors and designs of the Tula to the plain look of the Ergo.  The way a baby carrier fits mom is so personal.  Try it on in store and then order online - it's cheaper.

Baby Wearing Advantages

A great advantage of wearing your baby is that babies are "humanized" at a younger age when they are carried because they develop socially. By being close to you they can study facial expressions, learn language more quickly and become familiar with body language.

Some of the factors involved to determine which carrier will be most comfortable are size of wearer, temperament of baby, what kind of activity you are using the carrier for and for how long - for example if you use it to breastfeed or for long walks. And, in the end, a big part of the decision comes down to personal preference, such as if you prefer an organic baby carrier.

Babywearing Options

  • Soft structured carriers
  • Mei Tai carriers
  • Slings - fastened with rings or by wrapping and tying knots
  • Wraps - stretchy or woven
  • Pouches
  • Hip carriers
  • Baby Backpack Carrier - technically referring to framed carriers

Following are 3 carriers about which you can read the pros, cons and features of by clicking below:

Baby Trekker

Snugli Baby Carrier

Mei Tai Baby Carrier

You will be happy you spent the time to make an informed decision on which one (or two) of the baby carriers you will buy. Go to a store and try them on to see how they fit you. After all, the one you decide on has to be comfortable for you, the baby wearer. Parenting Magazine selected the ergo baby carrier as "1 of the 20 best products in the last 20 years". Pretty impressive! For this attachment parenting baby wearer and her babe, the Ergo Baby Carrier is the best. Maybe it will be for you too!

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