Which Ergo Carrier is the best?

The Ergo carrier is absolutely the best of baby carriers - but there are 6 different kinds of Ergo baby carriers.

By examining the differences in fabric and design you will be able to decide which is best for you.

Original: The body of the Original Carrier is padded with 100% cotton batting and lined with 100% cotton poplin. The padded waist belt adjusts from 25" to 43", with a 2" wide buckle and elastic safety loop.

Organic: The Organic Baby Carrier is made of organic cotton twill and sateen colored with certified organic dyes.

Option: The Options Carrier is black and designed with snaps to transform into a fashionable carrier with a pack of 3 different designs in a Options Carrier Cover Set that can be added by snapping them on.

Designer: The Petunia Pickle Bottom Organic Carrier is like the original but using the stylish fabric prints of Petunia Pickle Bottom.

*The Original, Organic, Designer and Options baby carriers all have the same fit and features*

Now for the 2 Ergo's that are different in more than design.

Performance: This Performance carrier version is built for adventure. It is 1/3 lighter in weight than the other Ergo versions and with it's mesh lining and polyester fabric is said to be the coolest carrier for hot weather.

The Performance Carrier’s shoulder straps are contoured (rather than straight like the original) with thinner, non-water-absorbent foam; and extend to 23”, like the Original's straps.

While some really like this one, some say it is "stiff" and the material is rough - not conducive to wearing a tank top.

It is also reported that only a toddler would be able to have his or her head out of the pouch part because it comes up higher than the original.

Sport: The Sport Baby Carrier is the lightest-weight carrier and is made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton with a vent below the hood pocket. It is made with quick-drying materials and extra venting keep you and baby cool, while at the same time reported as being very soft and padded for comfort.

Parents with larger frames like this one because the shoulder straps extend an extra 4”, and the waist belt extends an extra 5”, plus the waist extension can also be used with the Sport carrier. It works for people with smaller frames too because the strap can be pulled to 30".

Different from the original - the sleeping hood is detachable, and the generous key and cell phone pockets are absent on the sport model.

*Both the Performance and Sport carriers have waist belts that can extend an extra 5” past the length of the Original or Organic carriers, accommodating from 25” to 48”*

*If you would like an Ergo carrier but want a break in price, check out the Outlet Shop at La Stella Blu - their selection varies at different times*

Bonding with your baby - and toddler is probably as precious for you as it is for me. Doing it with the best of baby carriers - the Ergo baby carrier makes it painless.

Beautiful memories are made up close when you wear your little one. Wear them, grow them, love them in the Ergo carrier.

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