Interesting and Varied Facts About Homeschooling

There are many facts about homeschooling that are worthy of consideration when looking at the pros and cons of homeschooling.

An increasing number of attachment parenting moms and dads around the world are homeschooling successfully. Lets take a look at some of the facts about homeschooling and homeschooling statistics.

facts about homeschooling

Homeschooling is the fastest growing trend in education in the United States, Canada and around the world.

"Home, not the school, was the original educational system" suggests Raymond and Dorothy Moore in their book Home-Spun Schools. "Until the last century, most children who went to school started at twelve or later."

Notable persons, such as George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Edison, and Albert Einstein, were schooled at home. Until late in the 19th century compulsory school attendance laws did not exist.

Dr. Brian D. Ray is author, researcher, speaker and serves as the president of the non profit National Home Education Research Institute. Dr. Ray has been studying the homeschool movement for about 22 years and estimates that homeschooling has increased by 15% each year within the United States over the past several years.

Currently there are about 3 to 4 million homeschoolers within the United States and about 60,000 within Canada.

Homeschooling is growing internationally also:

  • Czech Republic has about 500 families
  • France has about 8,000
  • Hungary, Ukraine and Poland have small numbers
  • Netherlands have about 100 families
  • Switzerland has approximately 200 families
  • England and Wales may have as many as 100,000 families
  • Cairo, Egypt has a homeschooling movement

Important to know if you are in Germany or moving there - Germany prohibits homeschooling.

There are some interesting findings according to Dr. Ray's research. For example, homeschooled kids consistently score better than their public schooled peers. And, even if their parents are not certified teachers they do well.

Also, homeschooled kids have lower problem behavior scores, and have more positive self-concepts.

Dr. Ray surveyed more than 7,000 adults who had been homeschooled and compared them to their peers who had been public-schooled and came up with the following statistics:

  • 95% of homeschoolers had an adequate comprehension of government compared to 65% of U.S. adults.
  • 71% of these adults participate in ongoing community service activities, compared to 37% of other adults
  • 88% of homeschooled graduates are members of organizations - community groups, church, professional organizations compared to 50% of other adults

Research has also shown homeschooling is growing in popularity among minorities with about 15% being non-white and non-hispanic. In addition, the variety of people that homeschool include atheists, Christians, Mormons; low-income, middle-income, and high-income families; parents with Ph.D.s, GEDs, and no high-school diplomas.

In addition to these positive stats on homeschooling is what professor and writer J. Gary Knowles says. In his study of adults who were homeschooled he found that none of them were unemployed or on welfare. Also, the majority said that being homeschooled helped them to be independant persons and helped them to interact with people from different levels of society.

And, one last statistic that we found regarding homeschooling is that doing so saves about $16 billion dollars for taxpayers.

These facts about homeschooling are well researched by professionals who have spent a lot of time on the subject. I have found these homeschooling statistics to be an important factor in giving consideration to the pros and cons of homeschooling.

As an attachment parenting mom I want the best education, in every respect, possible for my babies as I'm sure you do too. Having positive feedback - specific feedback from these careful studies that have been conducted over many years gives me a very positive feeling about homeschooling. Hopefully you consider these facts as a goldmine of information bringing you a step closer in the decision making process.

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