The Family Bed And Safe Sleep

The family bed offers secure baby sleep and mutual contentment for many attachment parenting moms and dads. It is based on the attachment theory and the need for close contact and bonding with baby.

Although it is the subject of much controversy regarding safety, there are many proponents that say there are multiple benefits to bed sharing. Examine this practice and see if it's for you.

Have you tried sleep sharing with your kids? How did it go?

family bed

A great many parents end up sleeping with baby in the family bed, whether it be pre-planned or out of "necessity". You may not have planned it, but as nights pass you might start to feel strongly that your baby really needs to be close to you at night.

Family bed refers to at least one other member of the family sleeping on the same surface with baby. It can be beneficial to examine the possible pros and cons of sleeping with baby, as well as what the experts say to grow awareness of how to make it safe.

Would you like to know more about co-sleeping accessories? A great many parents find helpful the use of a co-sleeper accessory. This may make your sleep and that of your baby more comfortable and safe. Some of these products are used within your bed while there is also the option of a product that serves as an extension to your own bed, such as the product pictured to the right.

Sleep Apnea in Infants

Awareness is increasing that sleep apnea in infant babies is really happening. Read how sleep sharing can actually help protect your baby in this regard.

Preventing SIDS

There are many possible causes of SIDS. Be aware of what the dangers are and act on implementing safety measures.

Infant Sleep Training

As parents we want our babies to sleep well. For some of us that may mean sleeping through the night. Examine the possibilities, your preferences and your baby's needs.

When pregnant with my first baby a friend offered to lend me the book "Three in a Bed". She simply said "we're doing it".

For almost six years I can say that we've done it too. We have bed shared and co-slept - a lot and still do - although not all the time and not the same with both kids.

I love being close to my kids. I love to hear and feel the rise and fall of their peaceful breathing. I love to feel the warmth of my little boy's hand as he reaches over to me in his sleep to re-connect.

So, have you tried it? It may not be for everyone, however the merits of bed sharing and co-sleeping based on the attachment theory makes it worth your time to consider.

Giving attention to baby sleep is important. Making it safe, secure and loving is important to your child's health. Many attachment parenting mom's and dad's maintain the family bed is the way to go.

Do You Sleep Share with your Kids?

Have you tried sleep sharing with your kids? Does the family bed work for you? If so, you probably have something heartwarming to say about it. We would love to hear what you have to say.

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Co-Sleeping preserves my sanity!! My bed may be a crowded bed but it is a happy bed. My first child, Alex, slept with us for years. My second, …

Why I Love The Family Bed Not rated yet
Co-Sleeping preserves my sanity!! My bed may be a crowded bed but it is a happy bed. My first child, Alex, slept with us for years. My second, Ava, …

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