Family Fun Activities - Involving and Enjoyable

Family fun activities offer greater opportunities for communication, cooperation, and intellectual stimulation than the passive preoccupation with television.

"Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things."

family fun activities

Family bonding activities are many and varied depending on preferences. Are you looking to do something outside versus inside - if outside, what kind of things can you do in that season. Do you want to spend money, or are you looking to do something free. And, family fun will differ depending how old your kids are.

family fun activities - raking leaves

The falling of leaves in the autumn season lends itself nicely to work and play together. Rake the leaves into a pile, jump in the pile, fill your bags with the leaves - and then remove the bag before your kids empty the bags onto the ground for another go at it!

While spending this time together it is important to show attentiveness and physical signs of affection such as hugging and kissing your kids and smiling at them.

There are many family fun games to play with kids but have you considered that there are also things than can be enjoyed together with your kids that some might consider very "average" around the home. Have you thought about planting a garden together?

family fun activities

Planting a garden together can definitely qualify as one of many family fun activities and doesn't have to be expensive. My kids love getting in the dirt, and then to see the fruit of their labor. It doesn't have to be expensive. My mother-in-law dried the seeds of some organic cherry tomatoes she was eating and then planted them with fruit bearing success!

washing dishes together

Does mealtime qualify as one of many family fun activities? Yes, it can be precious to everyone if your approach to meal time involves everyone. It allows for relaxed time conducive to conversation, especially if everyone is comfortable. For anything sit down our kids last longer in these chairs

than any little chairs their size.

While at the dining table exchange experiences such as: What did each member do for the day? How did she feel about it? Asking open-ended questions will elicit a better response. Sharing the excitement felt in achievement and being generous with praise brings families closer. Empathy expressed and help extended when family members face challenges or distressing situations helps a child feel loved and secure, and makes for a stronger family unit.

My kids even like washing dishes! Granted it takes longer, and it's a bit wet, but they appreciate being included.

Enjoyment and satisfaction can be had in kids cooking activities . In this way you "kill two birds with one stone" - excuse the morbidity of the expression, you have fun together making yummy food and then you actually get to satisfy your hunger and eat it too.

For both washing dishes and baking or cooking we have been using our learning tower

for several years now .

family fun activities

Time spent at the beach walking and playing in the sand allows for a peaceful change in scenery.

What about telling your child jokes and listening to their jokes in return? My son told his first joke at 2 and was soooo amused and well pleased with himself. Both our kids continue to enjoy taking turns captivating our attention with their jokes and are eager for us to take our turns also.

Crafts of varying degrees of difficulty suit many different age groups. The preferred kind might be free family crafts - using materials that you already have around your home.

Our kids also love when we plan a family outting (as spelled by some internet users). Of course, the ultimate family outing is camping. Our kids love being outdoors, in nature, close to the water - it's the perfect package for family fun.

When it comes down to it, there are many things you can do for family fun. Of course, as a child gets older blowing bubbles and fingerplay doesn't cut it and you need to update the family bonding activities you plan. Why not discuss preferences as a family?

There is no limit to what you can do for family fun activities with the co-operation of all members and some imagination!

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