Thinking Of Family Fun Games?

Family fun games draw you together as a unit working toward a common goal. There are a lot of games to play with kids that are age appropriate, fun, even educational. Following are some ideas for family fun in the form of various games.

From the time your sweetpea is an infant she can enjoy games with laughter. Fingerplay accompanied by song like the "itsy, bitsy spider" delights little ones.

As baby grows into toddler and movement becomes so important and appealing, combining song with dance movements satisfies and delights. This does more than entertain. It teaches. Little kids love repitition, and they love for you to do it with them - ABC song, head and shoulder song, etc.

family fun games

As your toddler becomes a pre-schooler, there are quite a number of board games kids love to play. Many of these games are character based like Chutes And Ladders Dora The Explorer , which we are playing in the picture to the left. It is easy to follow along and incorporates colors and numbers to teach and reinforce.

Some board games will grow with your child like Cranium CaribooAction Games) which has two different modes of play, one for beginners and one more advanced.

Another game we enjoy that is educational and enjoyable with different modes of play for beginner or a bit more advanced players is Boggle Junior Game. As your kids get older Big Boggle is suitable, fun and educational.

Our kids, 4 and 7 years old, love spending time together playing these kinds of games.

Have you put a puzzle together lately? While my son has enjoyed puzzles since he was 2, my daughter has never preferred it. In order for your time together to be peaceful and enjoyed by all, the individual personality and concentration level of your children needs to be considered when choosing games.

family fun games

In good weather it's so nice to be outside playing. Have you tried to kick a ball together, play baseball (sort of), or skip rope together? Our kids also love outdoor structured family games like Boochie. Especially if your kids are athletic, they will enjoy games that are more physical.

What qualifies as family fun games is subjective to your kids age, attention span and individual preferences. What you, as the parent prefer may not be the best choice for family fun.

Studies have shown that kids generally still enjoy spending time with parents in these "old fashion ways" to playing video games together. Keep the atmosphere relaxed, allowing enough time to finish what you've started at the pace of your children and you will all enjoy these games to play with kids.

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