Free Family Crafts - From Simple Things You And Nature Have

Making free family crafts is appealing because there is so much available that you probably already have or can get from your backyard. We have craft ideas for every season and kids crafts for every age.

Working together on crafts is satisfying and healthy, allowing for imagination and self expression.

free family crafts

Free family crafts can be made from things you find in nature. Summer flowers or autumn leaves can be used to create also. Flowers can be pressed

and used to make a picture or greeting cards. Colored leaves can be dried and crumpled to create an autumn picture scene using cotton balls as clouds.

Fallen acorns, in autumn, with their little "hats" on can be used to make little men. My mom first did this with my sister and I many years ago, and last autumn shared the project with her grandchildren.

First gather 2 acorns - 1 with the hat on, and some little twigs. The adult then bores little holes for the neck, arms and legs. The twigs are broken into pieces for the neck, arms and legs and glued into the holes in the acorns. A face of your choice can then be drawn.

What about free family crafts in the winter, when the landscape is a bit dreary? You can make paper snowflakes

and tape them to the window. Use white paper whatever size you want the snowflakes. Fold the paper over into a triangle, and again, and again. Depending on how many times you fold and the shape and size of your cuts - no 2 snowflakes will be the same!

Have you ever heard of bread dough art ? A friend told us about this and we just had to try it! After applying a bit of lotion to your hands (so it doesn't stick) you pull apart 3 slices of fresh, white bread (crusts removed) and mix it with 3 tablespoons non-toxic liquid white glue and 3 drops lemon juice. Then you smoosh it into a smooth ball.

You can divide the dough and use food coloring of different colors or wait until dry and then color it. You could even spice up the dough by trying natural products such as coffee, cinnamon, paprika, or even mustard. Pencils, forks, cookie cutters, combs, screws, paper clips, and orange peelers work nicely as "tools" to etch and design. A garlic press works well to make “hair”. The book Creating Art With Bread Dough

gives detailed instructions and pictures.

Ideas for what you can make are limited only to imagination. One idea is to make beads. They dry out fine on greased toothpicks poked vertically into a small cardboard box. Of all free family crafts, bread-dough art is very cool for every age. You can even use a sealer when dried to give a very professional look.

What about turning photographic memories into an art project? Making a Scrapbook

together of family photos is fun and will be kept and enjoyed for years.

Making a macaroni necklace allows your princess to satisfy her love of jewellery and develops fine motor skills. Using uncooked elbow macaroni, you can color them and then put a strong thread or yarn through them to make a necklace.

Do you see the potential in paper towel and toilet paper rolls? They can be used to make doll furniture, a castle or anything you might think of building.

When I was a girl my mom, sister and I created little snowman treat boxes with toilet paper rolls. We crocheted white covers onto toilet paper rolls, giving them black hats, colored scarves, faces and crochet hatches to cover over the bottom to hold in special little treats.

There are many recipes to make play dough, some you cook, some you don't - the cooked ones come out smoother and less grainy.

Use 1 cup flour, 1/2 cup salt, 2 tbsp cream of tartar, 2 tbsp oil, 1 cup water. Cook over medium heat till thick and then add food coloring. Half the fun is actually making it! Then we have little wooden rolling pins, knives and other "baking" tools that allow for lots of play.

free family crafts

Fingerpaint can be made at home with kitchen cupboard items and is suitable even for the youngest art enthusiast. Mix 1/2 cup flour with 1 tsp salt in pot and blend in 1/2 cup cold water. While on medium heat slowly add 1 1/2 cups boiling water, and stir until it becomes a thick and smooth paste. To add color you can use drink crystals like Kool-Aid or tempera paint if you have it.

Egg cartons can be used to make interesting "creatures". Brown paper bags can have faces drawn and turned into puppets. Old socks can be made into sock monkeys.

Sometimes it can just take a few reminders to get your creative juices flowing and producing plenty of craft ideas. When it comes to kids crafts, usually, the less complicated, the better.

The beauty of free family crafts is that everyone can afford to make and enjoy them. Now all you need is to set a time!

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