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Frequently asked questions - are you a new mom with some of these? Are you wondering about attachment parenting or something related?

Below are some frequently asked questions with answers.

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How can I prepare for my best birth experience possible?

Educate yourself on the options, decide what appeals to you and your partner. Options include where - hospital or home and method - labor and birthing methods. Take a class with your partner if it is all new to you and you want to learn the in-and-outs hands on. For more information please visit healthy pregnancy diet and natural child birth .

How frequently should I hold my baby?

This is a bit controversial for some - believing it will result in a spoiled child. Touch, though, helps baby develop well mentally and emotionally and grow into confident and loving children. For more information please visit attachment theory .

What is Attachment Parenting?

Attachment parenting is based on eight principles (not strict rules) that are used as a foundation:

  • prepare for pregnancy, birth and parenting
  • feed with love and respect
  • respond in a sensitive way
  • nurture with touch
  • provide physically and emotionally safe sleep
  • show consistent and loving care
  • discipline with love in a positive way
  • endeavor to be balanced in family and personal life

For details on how these 9 principles are put into practice, please see our page, What is Attachment Parenting ?

At what age should I wean my child?

This is so personal. It really depends on both mom, child and circumstances.

Do you love it? Does your child love it? Do you feel it is worth the sacrifice in time? Does your schedule allow for it? Are you okay with the majority of people thinking it's "wierd"? To read more please go to breastfeeding toddler .

What is baby led weaning?

Baby led weaning is less about weaning and more about letting your baby decide when to begin eating food, what to eat and how much. To read more, please go to baby led weaning .

What exactly is co sleeping?

Co sleeping refers to sleeping in close proximity to your child as opposed to the customary practice of having a child sleep in a separate room. It could be close but on a different surface, or refer to the family bed .

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Are you a new mom with a question? Are you a mom wondering about attachment parenting or something related? Please ask.

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