How To Develop Good Parenting Skills

Good parenting skills are desired by all loving parents. Parenting skills, though, are not developed as if by osmosis.

This parenting article outlines parenting skills that work and discusses how child discipline plays a role.

Education Digest notes: "Without a positive image of themselves, kids don't have the basis to make decisions in their own best interests."

Poor parenting may be considered the same as rejection of a child. As a result a child may develop a negative self-image and poor social skills.

How can we as parents help our kids have a positive image of themselves? It's vital we recognize our role as parents.

good parenting skills - talking

As parents, good parenting skills might be defined as being responsible for providing for our children:

  • Physically
  • Emotionally
  • Intellectually

The most obvious would be providing physically. The necessities of life are vital - food, clothing and a home to live in.

Filling your child's intellectual needs are vital to good parenting skills. Children thrive in a peaceful environment where their dignity is respected and there is no fear. Similarly, children are entitled to be taught an ethics and value system, in fact, it is vital and will benefit kids throughout their lives.

Maybe surprising to some - the teaching required for good parenting skills includes discipline. It can take the form of spoken correction or denial of privileges or other consequences.

Dr. T. Berry Brazelton, professional in the field of child development and creator of the DVD Discipline: Teaching Limits with Love

, says that discipline is "about teaching a child how to manage feelings and out-of-control behaviors. Every child is looking very hard for limits. After love, discipline is the most important thing you give."

By nurturing intellectual and communication skills in our kids, we will contribute greatly to their moral and spiritual character.

Although caring for a child's emotional well being - or not - is not as obvious at first sight as physical care or the lack there of, it pays dividends for the rest of your child's life.

As parents we need to give our kids lots of loving. Hug them often and tell them that you love them. Develop a strong bond with them and maintain that attachment with quality and quantity time spent with them.

Show your kids empathy and compassion and they will learn how to feel and express these qualities for others.

Positive Parenting Tips

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Baby Routine

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Parenting A Toddler

Toddler time is transition time and parenting a toddler can be challenging. Look into his world to understand him better and know how to make things work for you and him.

Parenting Boys

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Parenting The Middle Child

The middle child has some unique challenges. What are these challenges and how can this affect your middle child?

Parenting Tweens

A relatively new term - tween - refers to the pre-teen years. Kids are growing up more quickly than they use to and a child who is 8 - 12 years old has more challenges than this age group did several years ago.

Childhood Stress

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Parenting Quote

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Parenting Blogs

Blogs give a birds-eye view into other peoples way of parenting and their experiences.

"If you make a child feel loved, connected, purposeful and inquisitive, brain development will follow," says Peter Gorski of Harvard Medical School. "Our role as parents is not to perfect brain circuitry, but to foster the development of healthy, sane and caring human beings."

I know I appreciate reminders as a busy mom. I hope this parenting article has given you some help and encouragement regarding parenting skills.

Is it possible to have good parenting skills? Yes, by recognizing our role as parents and meeting our childrens needs including child discipline.

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