HCG Levels After Miscarriage - Saddening Confirmation

HCG levels after miscarriage are used to confirm miscarriage. They are also used to monitor your health as your body starts to return to its pre-pregnancy state.

Of all pregnancy hormones, hcg is what blood tests measure to determine baby's growth. Miscarriage hcg plummets quickly and provides a sure indication.

Human chorionic gonadotropin, the full name for hCG, is a hormone your body produces during pregnancy. It is often called the "pregnancy hormone".

HCG is undetectable in a non-pregnant woman. In early pregnancy hCG levels double every couple of days!

This special hormone is found in your urine and in your blood if you are pregnant. This is why you can use your urine with a home pregnancy test to check if it contains hCG - an indication of pregnancy. This is a qualitative test - just to check its presence.

HCG can also be measured quantitatively. A blood test measures how much is in your blood which helps determine, not only if you are pregnant, but if it is progressing well, based on the levels expected for various stages of pregnancy.

Not having been aware of my pregnancy with my first child for almost the first 3 months I saw my doctor to see what was wrong with me - I wasn't feeling well. I was shocked when he personally called first thing the next morning, with reference to the previous day's blood tests, to give me some important news and urgent instructions. It was my extremely high hCG levels that allowed my doctor to know that I was well along in my pregnancy and prompted him to call with some urgency!

Conversely, it was the same kind of blood test - measuring my levels of hCG that recently confirmed my miscarriage. The doctor that tended to me in the hospital emergency department informed me after a blood test that I had lost the baby some time within the prior 48 hours.

HCG is guaged within a range because women differ - some women have higher "normal" levels than others. That is why, not knowing what my "normal" is for hCG, the emergency doctor could only give me a time range of when my baby died.

Following miscarriage, hCG concentrations will fall rapidly. If it does not drop to undetectable levels it may indicate remaining hCG producing tissue that needs to come out. If not by itself, then with the help of a D&C.

After miscarriage, hCG levels are expected to drop down to undetectable levels - usually within 4 - 6 weeks - after which you will get your period back. How quickly this happens can vary depending on whether you suffered spontaneous miscarriage or D&C, as well as how high the levels were at the time of your loss.

Indeed, it is plummeting hCG levels after miscarriage that confirm without a doubt that loss has occurred. In the face of denial, it was miscarriage hCG that gave me harsh truth that I could not counter.

Of all the pregnancy hormones, hCG is the one that gives you the good news of pregnancy. It is also the one that brings devastating news of pregnancy loss.

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