How a healthy pregnancy diet makes a big difference...

A healthy pregnancy diet will encourage your baby to grow healthier and you also will benefit. When pregnancy hormones are raging, a healthy diet for pregnancy will help you feel more comfortable and aid your overall health and well being.

Pregnancy is a special time. We will consider good pregnancy information to help you find greater pleasure in your pregnancy.

Right from the beginning, growing your " baby in womb " is a very special time. A healthy pregnancy diet as well as exercise and good pre-natal care can help keep problems to a minimum.

healthy pregnancy diet

The main reason we eat - other than for enjoyment, is to provide our bodies with the nutrients essential to building healthy bodies.

Growing a baby requires more vitamins, minerals and proteins than usual to build baby's bones, blood and nervous system. So, it's important to know your healthy pregnancy diet requirements .

There are some foods that deserve special note regarding their nutritional value and contribute nicely to your diet. It is important to know what some of these pregnancy superfoods are.

Building another human being requires extra calories. Some average it to about 300 more calories each day for the 2nd and 3rd trimester saying the calorie requirement stays the same for the 1st trimester.

The important thing to remember is don't fill the extra need with empty calories - empty carbohydrates! It's tempting because it's quick and easy. The extra calories in a pregnancy diet should contain proteins, vitamins and minerals.

In addition to a good basic diet, there is much to be learned about the negative effects of bad oils and pesticides.

You are doing yourself a favor if you can afford to go organic. Nutrition in food that is organic is higher and you will avoid a lot of horrible chemicals.

Interestingly, there are consequences to both eating too much and not getting enough.

Eating too much promotes obesity and would complicate your pregnancy. It would also result in a bigger baby which could cause complications.

Not getting enough nutrition is also bad for you and your baby.

Science News says:

"Low Birth Weight Infants May Have Cognitive And Physical Problems When They Reach Adolescence"

Malnourishment would make your pregnancy more difficult and as we already mentioned could result in long term health problems - even osteoporosis or postpartum depression! For baby, malnourishment could mean greater chances of low birth weight.

Now one last thing related to having a healthy pregnancy diet. Do you have a sweet tooth? I sure do! What is a woman to do?!

Firstly, how bad is sugar ? It is to blame for diabetes. It also contributes to becoming overweight and babies growing too big in utero. It can prompt premature births, and birth defects. Definitely not good.

Instead of saying cut sweets out completely which might be unrealistic and prompt desperate cheating - let's meet in the middle.

Use natural sweeteners like maple syrup and honey. And if you love chocolate there are a lot of chocolate bars out there that are high quality - more natural and meet the "need" for a sweet treat. You know, chocolate even contains antioxidants, so that's healthy!

All in moderation.

So, discussion of a healthy diet for pregnancy helps highlight the importance of increased vitamins, minerals and protein, and by extension how to fit them into your pregnancy diet. It also emphasizes that a good diet can also help your raging pregnancy hormones.

May this help you to have a healthy pregnancy diet and by extension a happy and healthy pregnancy in feeding and growing your baby.

For a directory of organic food establishments, farms, and naturopathic resources in the United States and Canada visit:

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