Kids Cooking Activities Connect You With Your Kids

Kids cooking activities shared with your kids results in edible fun and a relaxed connection with each other. Baking or cooking together is one kind of family bonding activities that is productive and satisfying.

One thing many kids learn very young is that food is good and cooking is fun! With some preparation and allowing enough time to go the pace of your child you can both these activities.

kids cooking activities

You will find that what you make is not as important as the process. There are, though, certain kinds of food recipes that allow little ones to be more involved.

Maybe the first thing you did with your mom in the kitchen was bake cookies. Even toddlers love dumping the pre-measured ingredients into a large bowl and then mixing the batter. It's educating too, teaching hand-eye co-ordination!

Of course any kind of cookie is fun to make, but the most fun are roll-out cookies. These have the right texture to be rolled out with a rolling pin (you can even get mini rolling pins for little hands) and then use cookie cutters to make shapes.

A garnishing knife - you know, the kind that is not sharp but leaves little groove marks on the food - works really well for young children to chop fruit or vegies or cheese. Our family attended a cooking class together and that is what was used (see the picture). The kids enjoyed using them so much we ended up buying two to use at home.

Fruit smoothies are a favorite in our house to make together. We pull up our learning tower

and both our kids enjoy taking turn adding ingredients and pushing the button on the blender.

kids cooking activities

Preparing tacos together - soft or hard, allow for imagination and plenty of toppings to be apportioned, spooned and cut (with the garnishing knife).

Making your own pizza encourages plenty of participation and the artistic little ones enjoy making it look nice too. Tuna casserole is a winner because it's healthy and your kids will enjoy chopping the celery, adding the tuna, cheese, noodles, sour cream and other ingredients and mixing it all together.

Of the many family bonding activities, cooking and baking together is hands down one of the favorites. Preparing and eating food puts everyone in a good mood - it's just one of those things.

With kids, work is play. What could be better than spending precious time together in kids cooking activities - you've got a common goal and reap the added benefit of eating your production!

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