Mei Tai Baby Carrier - No Snaps Or Buckles

The mei tai baby carrier is an Asian inspired carrier that is the forerunner to soft structured carriers without the snaps and buckles. This kind of carrier is fastened with 4 long fabric bands that are wrapped around and tied together. It can be worn on your front, back or side.

There are a number of different companies that make a mei tai - not all are equal in design or comfort. Baby Hawk is one that is comfortable in baby carriers and a favorite mei tai.


I own the BabyHawk Mei Tai and have to say it's a great carrier. It is very comfortable for me as it distributes the weight of my child mainly on the hips rather than the shoulders.


Although the basic style of all mei tai carriers are the same, they are not all equal. A mei tai that has padded straps for mamma's comfort and a high padded back for baby's comfort is best.

The baby hawk brand is pre-shrunk and is made of beautiful and soft, high-quality fabrics. It is also double stitched for extra safety.

Breastfeeding Convenience

I was first introduced to the baby hawk mei tai when I responded to a local buy and sell ad and went to pick up some nursing tops from a woman within my city. As we spoke, I discovered a real "kindred spirit". She wore her 12 month old in the baby hawk pretty much the whole time, easily switching him around according to the need.

I watched her quickly and easily tie her contented little boy into the carrier - she had obviously practiced a lot. When he wanted to snuggle she shimmied him on to her hip. When he started to get tired, she slid him to the front, loosened the bands a bit and very comfortably started to breastfeed. It all looked so easy!

That lady very kindly gave me a BabyHawk Mei Tai Baby Carrier that day. I will always remember her kindness.

Accommodates a Toddler

While soft structured carriers with their buckles extend just to a certain degree, mei tai's, with the very long bands are very versatile, accommodating even big kids.

Our family was once "caught" at a mall on a busy Saturday. Our 4 1/2 year old daughter couldn't walk another step, and what we thought would be fairly quick was taking forever.

We had 2 carriers with us and decided to use both. We opted to put our 1 1/2 year old in the ergo and our 4 1/2 year old daughter in the baby hawk mei tai because of the long straps and the higher back. What would have been impossible - carrying our heavy 4 1/2 throughout the mall in our arms, turned out quite comfortable when I put her on my back in the mei tai.

Although I don't have it, Baby Hawk also makes a ToddlerHawk Carrier . The length is 3 inches taller than the regular carrier to accommodate big kids. They recommend that a child be at least 18 months old to be comfortable in the ToddlerHawk.

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Comparing the Ergo and Baby Hawk Mei Tai

While my baby hawk looks fabulous, is very comfortable and accommodates very large children, I personally most often have opted to wear my Ergo Baby Carrier.

Tying the straps simply takes longer than snapping buckles. I never made the effort to practice and practice some more to make it look as effortless as the kind soul that gave me the mei tai made it look.

The mei tai, specifically Baby Hawk is one of the greatest baby carriers! For me, it's a close second in my ratings of the 9 carriers I've owned and used.

This mei tai baby carrier makes baby wearing stylish and comfortable for both baby and mamma.

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