Excellent Mid Wife Care for Pregnancy and Birthing Process

Having a mid wife (midwife) care for my pregnancy and the birth of my baby was the best choice we made concerning our baby's coming! It was key to my contentment and joy in the whole experience.

For millenniums there have been women giving birth using a variety of birthing methods. In recent times, midwifery has made a comeback. My mid wives proved to be professional, knowledgeable and eager to thoroughly address my questions and concerns.

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You might be wondering why exactly you would want to have a mid wife rather than a doctor? These are my reasons.

For starters I'm an attachment parenting mama who attempts to do things the natural way while being very close to my babies. Midwives don't hem you into a box to do things the "regular" way.

Midwife - noun - alternately spelled mid wife - A woman skilled in aiding in the delivery of babies.

They make clear from the beginning that they will work unassisted as long as the pregnancy is "low risk". I found it comforting that they wouldn't hesitate to refer me to a doctor to take over if there were any irregularities, or reason for alarm.

Visits at the midwifery office aren't just 10 minutes in and out but 30 minutes each time! For a person like me who is a big question asker that was fabulous! With my first pregnancy I was cared for by a doctor. He is an excellent doctor - excellent bedside manner and very professional. However, his schedule just didn't allow for extensive question periods and explanations.

Far from having a primitive mindset on how to do things, my midwives were very educated on everything regarding pregnant mama and baby and really listened to my husband and my preferences. They advise of the pros and cons of having certain tests or not having them, and it's within their jurisdiction to fill out the requisitions and send you for those tests.

As a result of the time and careful attention I was given at the midwifery office I was thoroughly "in the know" about optional tests and procedures related to my pregnancy and methods of birthing. This inspired confidence in me regarding the decisions we made, and also inspired confidence in my midwives.

Another great advantage is that not one but two midwives were assigned to my care - this is routine. As a result you have a combination of personalities and strengths in these professionals that work together in your interests.

We got a bonus because we also had a student. Having a student to work with is optional but for us it was great because she was two months from graduation and an incredible help during labor and birth. These were three ladies who I had come to know for many months during my pregnancy and felt comfortable with.

The midwifery office didn't have the formal, surgical feel of a doctor's office but a comfortable, relaxing feel. That being said, it, like a doctor's office had the medical instruments needed for check-ups and the supplies to do blood work.

Another benefit of having a mid wife is having her pager number - or I should say having the pager number of both midwives. This is also routine and gave me great peace of mind because at anytime I could contact them to address an important concern. With pregnancy that's so important because every pregnancy is different and receiving the assurance "that's normal" is very comforting!

As I passed my due date the importance of getting my baby out was explained to me along with the options. We opted for a kind of natural labor induction which we did on day nine and less than four hours later I went into labor!

I was at Ikea, just having finished lunch, and as contractions started I had the luxury of paging my primary mid wife right there - which she returned withing five minutes. After asking me some questions regarding the feel and time between contractions she gave me some instructions that helped me keep my focus. Wow that was service!

My husband and I had decided we wanted to give birth in a hospital, but didn't see a nurse during my whole labor and birth! If I had been in trouble hospital staff was just a room away.

Birthing in the hospital was just our preference. But midwives also give you the option to birth at home and even allow you to water birth. Whatever you prefer!

During the varying stages of labor each midwife tended to me in a different way. I had one of them who, during the second stage of labor, focused completely on my face coaching my breathing. That made all the difference. It really helped me keep my composure!

We had discussed previously how important it was to me to embrace and breastfeed my baby immediately. He was in my arms within seconds! My midwives were able to quickly assess my baby's well being as they handed him to me. They took care of necessary things later - by the end of the first half hour or so.

I remember after I had my first child it was very difficult getting out on my baby's third day to go see the doctor for my little one's first check up. With my second baby my midwives came to my home three times - on day two, four, and six to weigh and check our new arrival! I was very grateful.

When their job was done my primary midwife set me up with the information I needed to obtain a doctor for my baby's continued care.

When I gave birth the first time it wasn't even my doctor that delivered because he was on rotation with other doctors at the hospital and it wasn't his turn. I wasn't treated badly by the staff or the doctor but in retrospect I didn't feel strongly supported or guided by these "professionals".

Having a mid wife isn't at all primitive, as some might say. In fact for me it was far more thorough and professional. From my regular visits to the midwifery office to that fabulous day my little boy came out my midwives were there for me.

Are you a future mama who wants to be listened to, worked with regarding your preferences and given the care and guidance you need from an empathetic professional? Employing the care of a mid wife to prepare you in this vulnerable time of your life will leave you satisfied and happy in your important choice.

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