Miscarriage Poems Soothe The Soul

Composing miscarriage poems is one method of helping yourself toward miscarriage recovery. This can help you sort out your emotions and help you deal with your miscarriage tragedy.

"In the desert of the heart let the healing fountain start."

- W. H. Auden

It is said that the instructive message found within poems has healing power. Writing down your feelings in poems about miscarriage - your miscarriage - aids you in getting out your grievance - the horrible injustice of your baby's death.

miscarriage poems

Ventilating by writing poetry about something so hurtful as losing your baby in miscarriage can help towards overpowering your emotions and releasing tension. Writing poems are also said to increase coping skills and help you adapt.

In emphasizing how effective it is to express self in poetry, the Poet, Allen Tate, said, “To communicate effectively is to love.” It is also recorded that around 1030 B.C.E., the music of a shepherd boy named David soothed the "savage breast" of King Saul.

How can you write poetry, especially about something so dear to your heart?

1) Use all 5 of your senses to describe what you are experiencing.

2) Remember, writing a good poem does not mean everything has to rhyme. Some of the most popular poems of all time do not rhyme.

3) Write in the moment, as you experience.

I have found writing poetry helpful in my time of grief. I have found it has helped me pull-up and sort through my jumble of feelings from the depths of my soul. Putting these feelings on paper has been therapeutic.

Whisper Of Avery

My unborn baby,
safe in her thumbelina world,
came to me as a special surprise.
Within me, my baby lay curled.

Another gift for the love of being mama,
no matter how inopportune.
The anticipation, excitement, love - yes, love!
Knowing she will come out to me soon.

As my belly, her home, continues to grow,
there is a miracle within me, ever deeper.
The greatest thing of beauty I know.
I want to protect her. I'm her keeper.

What feels like contractions
are unstoppable and wrong.
I think we can cheat death,
but they tell us my baby is gone.

Our little girl didn't make it.
I didn't get to hold
the sweet bundle she would have been,
a joy to behold.

On the road of life, I protect what's mine,
painfully aware of life's frailty.
And, in my heart I'll always have,
a whisper of my little Avery.

After miscarriage there are so many different stages of the grieving process that evoke varying emotions and predominant thoughts. There is no method or structure that is better than another when it comes to writing poems.

Writing miscarriage poems is free form and very personal. If you try your hand at writing poems about miscarriage - your own miscarriage - you may find that it is an outlet that gives some comfort and relief.

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