What Are Miscarriage Symptoms And How Do You Survive?

Familiarity with miscarriage symptoms and early signs of miscarriage can, to a certain extent, prepare you. Symptoms of miscarriage are varied but not necessarily conclusive.

Twenty percent of pregnancies end in miscarriage. That means 1 of every 5 women who becomes pregnant may be plagued with the physical and emotional trauma of losing her baby in miscarriage. There is some help toward miscarriage recovery though.

miscarriage symptoms

I have suffered 2 miscarriages - my second one was recent and much further along. I had questions that I needed answered. The first one, as my miscarriage started was, "What are miscarriage symptoms?".

As my miscarriage progressed over a couple of days I experienced a variety of emotions. I also had other questions for which answers were so important - I needed to know.

I wanted to know what happened - what may have caused it. I wondered, in retrospect, if there was anything I or my health care providers could have done to prevent it. And, I wondered how I could survive. I did more research.

I found there are a number of symptoms of miscarriage . There will be variances depending on how far along the pregnancy is and also from one woman to another.

I had carried two healthy, fabulous, so deeply loved, oops! babies to term. I needed to know what happened now.

Miscarriage is caused by one of several factors or a combination of these. Educating yourself about causes of miscarriage can give you direction on how to be in optimum health so as to do all you can in advance to avoid miscarriage.

Hcg, often called the pregnancy hormone, is made by cells that form the placenta. It nourishes the egg after it has been fertilized and becomes attached to the uterine wall. Levels can help determine the health and safety of your pregnancy - hcg levels after miscarriage will continue to drop.

Miscarriage pain is physical as well as emotional. Physical pain caused by miscarriage can vary from one miscarriage to another. The less obvious - emotional pain - lasts longer and runs deeper.

In miscarriage, the heart, mind and spirit has experienced something unnatural and devastating. Here are some suggestions to help you with grieving miscarriage and recovery.

One method of miscarriage recovery is writing down your feelings - with miscarriage poems . This can help you sort out your emotions and come to grips with your tragedy.

Knowing what miscarriage symptoms are did more than make a difference in what I could do in a practical way. Being educated about early signs of miscarriage helped me to know what I might experience, how to cope with it, and when to get medical help.

The greatest wish of every woman who delights to be a mother is that she not experience miscarriage symptoms, but go on to deliver and hold her baby in her arms - the happiest feeling in the world. I hope your dream comes true.

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