Natural Child Birth Benefits
You've Got Choices!

There are many natural child birth benefits because a lot of options open up with the choice to go non-medicated. It is good to be informed about your options regarding birthing positions and know that a hospital birth is not your only option.

natural child birth water birth

Birth without the use of drugs is conducive to a variety of birthing positions and even makes home birth possible. You might even decide on water birthing to ease the pain.

Home birth is an appealing option that works for many women. The comforting familiarity aids a more relaxing, less anxious birthing experience.

Water birthing is becoming a more popular choice because of the incredible comfort. The pain relief of water is amazing!

Although I didn't actually give birth in water, I did labor in water. While I was in the water I was virtually pain free, as soon as I got out of the tub the pain was excruciating.

Photo courtesy of Lamartiny Sales Santos

This is comfortable for baby too. Remember, your little one has been swimming around - okay, not around - but has been in water for 9 months. Coming out is a bit of a shock that is made easier for her with water birth.

Different from the laying down position commonly used in North America there are several positions, to aid the force of gravity, that are very effective. Among the positions preferred by some mammas are squatting, standing, kneeling and getting on all-fours.

Doing things naturally aids your health, your comfort and gives you options with it.

Natural child birth benefits are varied and worth it for many moms. Whichever birthing positions you choose, whether you decide on water birthing or make the decision to home birth or not - it is your choice.

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