What are my options for natural child birth pain relief?

If you are a woman who desires natural child birth pain relief, you should know there are drug-free measures including homeopathic pain relief you can use for greater comfort and relaxation.

There are a number of different kinds of pain relief methods that can be employed during the birthing process that really work! And let's face it - there are very few women (if any) that just "pop" out their babies completely pain free! I felt like I worked ("labored") pretty hard to get my babes out!

So, that being said, following are some natural child birth pain relief methods:


Hydrotherapy refers to water therapy - being submerged in water, very effective at "removing" the pain. For me, the pain was gone in the pool, and I do not have good pain tolerance.

natural child-birth pain relief


Massage, given by someone who "knows how to massage", relaxes muscles which allows easier - more comfortable progression of birthing. If they don't know what they are doing, though, it just irritates a birthing woman - I know!


Vocalization in the form of "grunting" or otherwise helps release tension and anxiety from your body. Now, this might seem a bit crude or embarrassing to you, but this is "a good time to forget the childish ideas as to what constitutes feminine behavior" I'm reminded. "After all, what's more distinctively feminine than giving birth?"

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Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises help control breathing during birthing and can also aid natural child birth pain relief. Practicing patterned breathing in advance helps you to use breathing as an automatic response to pain.

The steady breathing helps you stay more relaxed and provides some control. Patterned breathing also provides more oxygen, which provides more strength and energy for mom and baby.

Good Support Person

What really helped me in a similar vein to learning proper breathing was the one-on-one labor support of one of my midwives. She was "in my face" - in a good way, coaching my breathing and helping me to stay focused on doing so. It really helped me keep my composure.


Homeopathy is understood to be safe and very effective for many people, used to address a number of health concerns. My naturopath had me take arnica pellets - she even had me rub a pellet on the inside of my son's lower lip when he came out to prevent bruising for him.

Some of the most frequently used remedies include Caulophyllum, Cimicifuga, Arnica, Bellis perennis, Belladonna, and Kali carbonicum. It is strongly recommended that an experienced professional help you select a remedy.

Labor Acupressure

Labor acupressure is the applying of firm pressure using the thumb, knuckle and elbow to pressure points. This method is employed to both induce labor and also to manage pain.

Soothing Environment

Listening to soothing music, especially if music at the best of times has a profound effect on you, makes a huge difference in how relaxed you feel.

Also, aromatherapy can be effective for relaxing the senses when laboring. Clary sage, jasmine, lavender and ylang ylang each are effective for relaxation and calming stressed nerves.

Self Hypnosis

Self hypnosis, referred to as hypnobirth is becoming increasingly popular to "remove yourself from the pain".

Doing your research now so as to have strategies to deal with labor pain is important if you plan to birth without drugs.

Whether it is homeopathic pain relief, accupressure or a combination of any of the above suggestions, using these alternative pain relief methods may make the difference in whether you do end up having a natural child birth.

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