Natural Child Birth versus Epidural?

Natural child birth versus epidural.  Some newly pregnant mammas feel natural child birth is important and attainable. Others, thinking about birthing options, wonder why a woman would want to endure the pain when epidural is a common child birth option that can make birth almost pain free.

Is it because some women feel they have something to prove? For many women there is another reason.

The opposite of this kind of birth is a medicated birth - usually with the use of an epidural. Just as many choose not to use pain-killers for a headache or choose to breastfeed versus bottle feed for health reasons, so too many women prefer not to have chemicals injected into their bodies.

natural child birth

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Studies show that epidural affects both mom and baby. It can make it difficult to push your baby out. It can make your baby lethargic, making it difficult for her to get into birthing position, necessitating use of forceps. One of the big reasons for me not wanting it was it can hamper your newborns efforts at latching on when learning to breastfeed.

My first birth was very long, I was exhausted and conceded after many hours - I don't regret it. I felt like I really needed it at that point. After that I was a basket case for days and my daughter had great difficulty breastfeeding - but we worked through it.

With my second child I had a non medicated birth, I felt so awake and strong - physically, mentally and emotionally. My baby was alert and caught on to breastfeeding quickly.

Going drug-free benefits the health of both baby and mamma. If you are a woman who likes to do things naturally, maybe you will opt for this kind of child birth.

Having experienced both, I would again make the personal choice to have natural child birth if possible.

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