Natural Child Birth, Empowering and Joyful

Natural child birth is giving birth without the use of drugs. It allows you plenty of birthing options with greater chances that breastfeeding will get off to the right start - important given the benefits of breastfeeding. It allows baby and mama to meet each other immediately after the birth, alert and eager to continue the bonding on the "outside".

Educating yourself about the options of natural birth can make all the difference in how "bright" the day is because birthing methods vary widely. Are you considering using the services of a midwife (mid wife), having a water birth or a home birth? Giving birth is special but being educated and prepared can help result in it also being "nothing but joyful" (well, almost).

I know this is so because my two babies births were like night and day, to a great degree because of the choices I made.

5 minutes old - Natural Child Birth

I have such a warm feeling thinking about the whole day of my second child's birth - except for 20 minutes! I had a natural child birth and it really was a fabulous day for this attachment parenting mama! I'll tell you why.

For one thing I had a non-medicated birth - I chose not to have an epidural. Reading more about natural child birth versus epidural may help you make your own decision.

We also chose to use the services of a mid wife (usually spelled midwife) to care for the pregnancy and birth of our second child. Having people tend to you that you know and are there only for you is truly comforting, especially when you are in the vulnerable state of giving birth!

Don't get me wrong. My dear faithful husband was there the whole time supporting me every way he could - that despite him being the fainting kind. However, "catching" babies and all that precede it is the midwives profession, and they truly know what they are doing!

I was nine days late with my second child and not wanting a chemical induction we opted for

natural labor induction . I was told it had good success and it turned out to be true for me. I went into labor less than four hours later and my babe was out seven hours after the induction!

natural child birth

Membrane stripping

is the method I chose to induce labor. It does involve medical intervention but is chemical free and relatively safe. Because of this it is a great precursor to natural child birth. It has generally been found to be more reliable than any other natural method of birth induction.

The day I experienced natural birth I felt empowered, in control and fully alert. My senses were sharp and even physically and emotionally I was ready to take on the world. .

Along with natural child birth comes many options. You can read more about natural child birth benefits to find out about the choices you have in birthing positions, home birth and even the option of a water birth.

Of course, every child birth carries some pain with it. Educating myself on natural child birth pain relief ahead of time helped me make my choices and be prepared to deal most effectively with the pain without the use of drugs.

My second birth was very different from my previous birthing experience which had me crying as I was leaving the hospital 24 hours after the birth of my sweet little girl. The epidural had wreaked havoc on my physical and emotional well being.

I will forever clearly remember that day when I held my little boy for the first time within the minute of his entry (or exit), examining his little face and cuddling his little body. He had to be cleaned, weighed, thoroughly checked - but that all waited until he had his first meal on the "outside" cuddled into me.

Interestingly, the experts say that "skin-to-skin maternal contact and breastfeeding in the first hour after birth increases the likelihood of successful breastfeeding for a longer duration". Some babies have great difficulty learning how to breast-feed, granted, some mama's do too.

However, having a natural birth - without the use of drugs allowed both of us to continue grow in our attachment right away. It allowed my little boy to be more alert and better able to catch on to breastfeeding. This was very important to me since there are so many well documented benefits of breastfeeding!

So, in choosing natural child birth examine your options based on your situation, your personality, your preferences. Will you decide on a midwife, a home birth, maybe even a water birth? In whatever way your "special delivery" comes you will cherish the day forever, but if you can have a natural child birth using the method you prefer your day will be even more joyful!

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