Why an organic baby carrier?

Choosing an organic baby carrier makes for a more costly baby carrier investment over one made with regular fabric - but many moms and dads believe this is a healthy option that is well worth it.

In making this decision for your baby you might be wondering - why the hype over organic? Are the benefits really more than marginal?

Yes, there are health benefits for your child as well as reducing the carbon footprint on the environment.

Your baby's skin is thinner and more delicate than your skin and is more porous which makes it more susceptible to chemicals than an adults skin.

Organic fabrics are farmed without the use of pesticides, herbicides, and artificial fertilizers which makes them healthier for your baby's skin. Also, because they are toxin-free they are nice and soft to touch.

What about the environment? The cotton growing industry uses more pesticides than any other crop in the world. It is responsible for 16 percent of the global insecticide market and makes billions for the pesticide industry. However, most of these pesticides are highly toxic and at least half are listed by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as hazardous.

Using fabric that is organic is is definitely a good way to help protect the environment.

Below are a few of the more comfortable and popular carriers that are organic:

ERGO Organic Carrier

Moby Wrap Organic 100% Cotton Carrier

Britax - Front Soft Organic Carrier

BABYBJÖRN Organic Original

Choosing the right baby carrier for you and your baby is an undertaking. If you are an advocate of organic this is an extra factor in making your selection.

An organic carrier for baby contributes to helping keep everyone healthy, your sweet baby and the planet - this is definitely worth serious consideration.

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