Our Family's Favorite Carriers

by Heather Pert
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Our baby was 14 months before we used a stroller. We didn't want to miss one moment of watching his little face discover the world, so we went thru a few carriers before we settled on one.

My husband and I have different preferences, but mine is the ergo as I have a lot of back and muscle problems, and I like the fact that the weight is distributed evenly across my hips instead of pulling on my lower back.

I also bought the little covers with the velcro which are very convenient for chewings & droolings.

My husband, who is not so sensitive, (the straps can be twisted or inside out and he doesn't even notice) likes having the baby in the front. He is also concerned that the baby's legs cannot fit comfortably around his waist. (He admits to being just a little too stout...) His favorite choice is the Bjorn original, as the baby's legs can hang down.

My older son (14) prefers the ergo, he and his baby brother also go for walks. He says it is more comfortable for his shoulders than our Bjorn.

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