Positive Parenting Tips That Work

Positive parenting tips aid the development of parenting skills that are constructive and work. See also how child discipline is important to positive parenting.

It may be that you are learning new skills for the benefit of your precious cargo. Or, these positive parenting tips may be necessary reminders for a sleep deprived mama or daddy.

1) Your Children Need Your Love

Don't hesitate to tell your kids often you love them and demonstrate this love by showing personal interest in them.

Also, your kids need to have your approval. Don't be overly critical, constantly correcting them. Rather, be quick to praise your kids.

Knowing she has your approval results in your child having a healthy sense of self-worth.

2) Kids Need A Positive Example

So true is the adage: "Actions speak louder than words".

When parents treat each other with respect and dignity it teaches a child what is acceptable and effective. And, it demonstrates the good results of such behavior.

Do your kids have a difficult time apologizing? By not hesitating to apologize when we, as the parent, are wrong we teach our children how to apologize and that it's a good thing.

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3) Kids Need A Happy Environment

Playing with your kids helps you to bond with them and maintain that bond. Spending this kind of time with them helps strengthen your sense of togetherness.

I'm always delighted that when we, as a family, are spending time together in a spirit of peace and mildness, it doesn't matter what we are doing - my kids are so happy. Conversely, even if we are out doing something expensive and fun for kids, if my husband and I are stressed out and low on patience - nobody is happy.

4) Kids Need To Be Taught Moral And Spiritual Values

The United Nations General Assembly endorses the Declaration of the Rights of the Child which, in part, states that every child has the special right to develop spiritually.

As parents, we are responsible for educating our kids morally and spiritually. It is our responsibility and their right for parents to inculcate right principles into the hearts of our children.

Have You Filled a Bucket Today: A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids

is a good book to read with your kids that encourages positive behavior as children see how rewarding it is to express daily kindness, appreciation, and love.

When teaching principles start young and do so age appropriately so that they will understand. Also remember, the lessons that hit home the most may be the ones taught informally - like when you are out taking a walk together.

5) Child Discipline Is Necessary

Proper child discipline helps a child grow up to be productive and responsible.

The purpose of discipline is to provide instruction and direction. It should be constructive and done out of love. It should never include severe treatment such as harsh threats or belittling insults. Discipline should never make a child feel rejected.

To see an excellent book with some very workable techniques that don't involve spanking or nagging Click Here!

6) Kids Need Your Protection

Kids need to be protected from bad influences and harmful associates. As parents we need to be alert to potential dangers and then take precautions.

If you allow your kids to use the internet make sure they know how to use it safely. It may be best to keep the computer in an open area where you can easily monitor its use.

Make sure you train and prepare your kids for the dangers they may face. Do they know how to respond if someone tries to take advantage of them? Do they know the proper and improper use of their private parts?

For me, these positive parenting tips help me stay focused on what's really important. By working on my parenting skills I see good results - my kids - who are by no mean perfect - have good self esteem, they feel protected and loved and reciprocate that and, they know there are consequences for their actions.

Kids appreciate being given clear guidelines that they can follow. Positive parenting both "accentuates the positive" and deems as important appropriate child discipline - all with a view to guiding little peoples growth and equipping them for life.

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