Pre-natal Care - Healthy Mom And Healthy Baby

Pre-natal care can make all the difference for mom and baby. Taking reasonable measures is prudent because it can help detect and avoid unnecessary complications and may alert you to any situation that would make special care necessary.

Pre-natal care (pre natal care) refers to regular healthcare visits during pregnancy, and is given by a professional, whether you choose a doctor or a midwife. These prenatal visits increase the probability of growing a healthy baby.

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“Healthier mothers have healthier babies,” says the UN Chronicle. It also asserts that when a woman gets poor medical care or none at all during pregnancy, childbirth, and the period thereafter, her baby also receives little or no medical care.

What are some problems that can affect moms during pregnancy?

The Journal of the American Medical Women’s Association states that “the major direct causes of maternal mortality” are excessive bleeding, obstructed labor, infection, and abnormally high blood pressure. However, it adds by saying effective treatments are well-known, and in most cases “modern medical care . . . does not require highly technical interventions.”

Good care helps detect and treat such things as multiple gestation (are you carrying more than 1 little blessing?!), hypertension, heart and kidney problems, and diabetes. Giving these special-care situations attention as early in pregnancy as possible is beneficial to both mama and baby.

The UN Chronicle reports that “two thirds of newborn deaths could be prevented if all mothers and newborns” obtained medical treatment that is “well-known, feasible and deliverable without complex technology.”

The Philippines News Agency reports, though, that lack of knowledge and the laxity in prenatal care on the part of mothers is all too common.

What are some steps taken in pre-natal care?

Your doctor or midwife will:

  • Review your medical history to identify any possible risks that can be addressed.
  • Take blood and urine samples to check for Rh incompatibility, anemia, infection and disease.
  • Make recommendations if deemed necessary regarding vitamins - especially folic acid and vaccinations - for influenza, tetanus and Rh incompatibility.

Is it difficult for you to get medical care during your pregnancy?

Maybe you live far away, or cannot cover medical costs. It may give you peace of mind to know that you don't have to see your health care professional very often in order to receive adequate care.

With regard to common complications that arise during pregnancy and childbirth, the World Health Organization (WHO) “found that women who visited their doctors only four times during their pregnancy” enjoyed results that “were comparable to those who had 12 or more visits.”

I loved being pregnant! And good pre natal care helped guide and reassure me through my pregnancies. It helped me be as healthy as I could be and gave me peace of mind knowing my little "guest" was being given the best treatment possible.

Do research in order to choose your midwife, hospital, or doctor carefully, in order to get great pre-natal care (prenatal). This kind of healthcare is the most important because it affects two people during your pregnancy - working towards a healthy mom and a healthy baby.

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