Vital Examination of the Pros and Cons of Homeschooling

There are pros and cons of homeschooling. Both sides make valid points that call for a great amount of examination to sort through realistically and honestly.

Homeschooling is most strongly endorsed by attachment parenting moms and dads who delight in spending a lot of time with their kids bonding, teaching, mentoring and is based on the attachment theory.

As an attached parent who is totally in the zone and loving it, this aspect of attachment parenting has demanded my blood, sweat and tears in trying to make the best decision for our family.

If you are an attached parent, like me, perhaps the pros and cons of homeschooling demands greater deliberation to make the best decision for your family than any other aspect of attachment parenting.

What is your homeschooling experience?
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From the time my daughter was born I was certain that I would homeschool. Of course I would! And then when we had to start giving it serious consideration I did research and it became a more difficult decision than I had anticipated.

Perhaps different than most attachment parenting articles that deal with homeschooling this one will discuss both the pros and cons of homeschooling. In working on my own decision my research has shown that there are both great things about homeschooling, and there are also certain possible negative aspects or challenges that need to be considered also.

After giving both sides a listening ear only you can decide if homeschooling is the best choice for your family.

You might wonder - can I do homeschooling ? When your kids are really little it's not hard. When teaching my son the sounds of each letter of the alphabet the LeapFrog: Letter Factory

DVD was amazing - my kids learn anything when it's set to music!

My four year old now loves the accomplishment he feels when he phonetically sounds out the excellent early reading Bob Books, Set 1: Beginning Readers

by my side.

But when they get a little older - do you have the courage, stamina and steady nerves? Being smart enough is not the concern. Self-examination is necessary concerning your self-discipline, the right circumstances and the right attitude.

An important part of the road that will lead you to make the best decision for your family is evaluating your reasons for homeschooling . Doing so will help you either find another way of addressing a deficiency or lend greater weight to your decision.

Giving consideration to the facts about homeschooling can give you a nice window into specifics - success rates, numbers involved as well as some other findings.

A great amount of attention has been given to the possible social disadvantages of homeschooling . Making it work in this regard has a lot to do with your location, contacts and if you've got wheels to get around.

It's very important for children to get not just socialization, but socialization with other kids.

Examining the negative aspects of homeschooling helps you to look at homeschooling objectively. It can help you determine if homeschooling can work for you and also helps prepare you if you do decide to home school.

As with any long-term investment, cost of homeschooling is a vital consideration. Consider what all the costs might be and if you could realistically handle them.

The right kind of activities are important to keeping your child interested and happy in any undertaking. Inventiveness is an important aspect of keeping things interesting. Any kind of learning is easier and more enjoyable if it's fun. Being willing to extend yourself in this area takes more effort but will pay dividends.

An only child especially needs sufficient socialization with peers - other kids her age. Peer association is invaluable to teach how to share and work as a team.

Perhaps you're thinking - Wow, I didn't realize there were so many pros and cons of homeschooling! I didn't either.

Since it's your child's well being and education that is on the line it's a really big decision to make. Everyone has different circumstances. Only you can make that decision.

As an attachment parenting mom, who feels strongly about the value of the attachment theory, I love the idea of homeschooling - but I have to admit the pros and cons of homeschooling need to be analyzed.

What is your homeschooling experience?

Have you made the big decision whether to homeschool? Were you, or are you now being homeschooled? We would love to hear from you!

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