Read to Kids -An Enriching Journey

Read to kids and time stands still. So starts a journey that is enriching and special.

An important part of your baby routine right from the start, and through many years of your childs growth. The attachment theory emphasises the importance of bonding in various ways including reading together - part of good parenting skills.

read to kids

Why read to kids?

When you read to kids you accomplish many things that surely contributes to good parenting skills. It is instrumental in bonding with baby, making it easier and more natural to talk to baby. It sends the message "I love you" and tells your kids that you have time for them - you want to spend time with them, which is good for kids mental health.

So starts learning that encompasses more than what a child sees and hears.

The close embrace and the peaceful interlude within or at the end of a busy day. Reading to your child is an important part of loving parenting that leaves behind stresses, other tasks and other people that allow your child to shine as the star deserving full attention and applause.

Reading is instrumental in the process of laying the foundation for a close relationship based on confidence, mutual respect, and understanding. This strengthens the glue that builds a secure and happy baby and child.

Experts agree that it's important to read to your kids:

"The single most important activity for building the knowledge required for eventual success in reading is reading aloud to children. This is especially so during the preschool years," says the report Becoming a Nation of Readers.

When you read to kids from a very young age they learn that the letters on the page correspond to words in our vocabulary.

One handbook on reading aloud asserts that each time you do so you send a 'pleasure' message to the child's brain. "You could even call it a commercial, conditioning the child to associate books and print with pleasure." As a result, a lifelong desire to be a reader is cultivated in your child.

You can "travel" through the pages of a book. By reading aloud it teaches a child about the world around him.

We were given a beautifully illustrated childrens animal encyclopedia when my youngest was one and a half years old. Looking at the colorful photos of real and interesting animals kept his interest longer than most of his toys, and he went back to that book often to 'read' over and over again. As a result, he learned the names of many animals that we would never see in real life except for at the zoo. When we did go to the zoo - his anticipation and delight was heightened because he was already familiar with all the animals through the pages of our book.

Another amazing reason to read to kids is that it helps a child to communicate.

Books that contain complex and well-structured sentences are a positive tool that teaches him how to express himself in speaking and in writing.

Dorothy Butler, author of Babies Need Books, says:

"The quality of an individual's thought will depend upon the quality of his language. Language is, indeed, in the center of the stage as far as learning and intelligence are concerned."

Reading to kids can also reinforce good values and morals.

It can help you to reason with your child, helping him to develop problem solving skills.

How can you making reading to your kids easier and more pleasurable?

It makes a big difference in our home when we keep the atmosphere relaxed and informal. This makes it more enjoyable for everyone.

Also, know when to stop. Little ones have attention spans that vary depending on mood, age and personality. By adjusting your reading sessions accordingly it will prevent negative feelings about reading from developing.

Involving your child as an active participant will delight him and he will benefit even more. Pause every so often and ask open ended questions. Also, "milk" every detail from the pictures by asking questions related to how many of something is on the page and what color they are. My little guy loves doing this.

Be selective in choosing good books. We try to stick to books that have a positive message or teaches something and has a good moral to the story.

Hints of whether this is so with a certain book can be determined by taking a close look at the cover, the artwork, and the general style.

Indeed, when you read to kids aloud on a daily basis it's enjoyable for all and reaps excellent dividends.

It's an excellent way of bonding with baby daily as part of your baby routine. And, for your older kids it's one of the most peaceful activities with kids.

When you read to kids it lends itself to good parenting skills.

And, when you read to your kids it teaches their hearts and minds.

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