What might your reasons for homeschooling be?

This is a really big question. Reasons for homeschooling can differ somewhat from one homeschooling parent to another.

Like me, if you are an attachment parenting mom or dad who is agonizing over the pros and cons of homeschooling then the reasons for homeschooling are an important key in making your best decision.

Following are some reasons cited by homeschoolers:

There are vast differences between the public school system and homeschooling.

Class sizes are getting bigger and bigger with little one-on-one instruction. It's easy for a child to 'get lost' within the class especially if your child needs extra help or, conversely, is gifted and needs to be challenged further.

If it's public schooling that is your problem then maybe a private school is your answer. Do you have the many thousands of dollars needed to pay tuition fees?

Homeschooling, on the other hand, allows for 100% involvement with your kids.

Of concern, also, is the quality of education given within the public school system. Many feel education standards have decreased.

Could you give your child a better education? Remember, it's not about how smart you as the parent are or aren't - the homeschooling curriculums available would give you the information and guidance you need to teach.

Safety problems within schools is another reason for homeschooling. Have you heard of or read in the newspaper about these kinds of dangers? They are real and I cringe at the thought of my young ones out there without me.

I worry too about the immoral influences within school. Exposure to these is affecting kids younger and younger these days. Even in kindergarten there is talk of boyfriend / girlfriend! Hmmm.....

A great many homeschoolers cite religious reasons as important to homeschooling. Many parents are generally concerned about protecting kids from what might be perceived as atheistic influences in schools. Religion is abused or ignored within the classroom - many parents want to teach the values that are missing from a school education.

Special needs kids differ in how things need to be taught. Homeschooling allows for a custom built curriculum that is flexible and fosters an enjoyment that results in better learning geared to your child.

So, to homeschool or not.

Admittedly there are pros and cons of homeschooling. The reasons for homeschooling though are valid and strongly motivating!

Providing your child with the best education now will help him for the rest of his life. For the reasons we've considered a great many attachment parenting moms and dads everywhere find great satisfaction in homeschooling their kids. Maybe that's how you feel too - after all they're your precious cargo.

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