Snugli Baby Carrier - Easy Availability & Low Price Point

The Snugli baby carrier is a popular choice with some parents. Examine the pros and cons of this carrier and how baby wearing with it helps bonding.

This one is a first carrier with some new parents because of it's easy availability at department stores. Even if you have done some research on the pricier carriers, you might still decide to opt for the Snugli because of the comparatively low price point.

This was my second carrier of 9 carriers that I would go on to use with both my kids. After using a sub-standard wrap for a short time from birth, I started using the Snugli.

I was very happy wearing my baby girl and she loved it! This carrier gave my infant good support - she was comfortable. At first, I really liked it too. My model was navy blue with a smooth sleek look and feel.

Our daughter grew quickly, more than doubling her birth weight in 2 months. And, she kept growing and growing...until, wearing the carrier for long periods became very uncomfortable for me.

While eyeballing the style is not a good way of determining whether a carrier will work for you or not, this carrier taught me a lesson on what features to look for in a carrier to make it comfortable for mamma.

The model I had was only equipped with shoulder straps that crossed over. As a result all the baby weight was supported by my shoulders and the straps really dug into my shoulders. The point is that, even with good padding, as your baby becomes heavier, this is inevitable if there is no waist belt to balance the weight.

Snugli does carry more of a selection now than it use to. For example the Snugli, shown below, has the additional waist belt to help distribute the weight between the hips and shoulders for greater comfort. I also noticed that those styles with the waistband can accommodate up to 40 lbs (25 kilos), and they look quite nice.

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Although the new styles have the "look" of an Ergo carrier - does it match up in comfort?

The Snugli carrier, even the most deluxe style, is still a more economical baby carrier with a much lower price point than most - and it doesn't scrimp on the value of bonding!

If the look and price point of the snugli baby carrier is the right fit for you - this might be the right one!

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