Are There Social Disadvantages Of Homeschooling?

Many say there are social disadvantages of homeschooling while others counter that this is not a problem. This is an important consideration when looking at the pros and cons of homeschooling.

Examining some factors can help determine what life would be like for you when homeschooling and if lack of socialization would be a disadvantage of homeschooling in your household.

Humans, including kids, need the experience of interaction with peers - kids in the same age bracket - in order to learn how to form relationships and behave in a manner that demonstrates kindness, respect and equality.

For example - you might take your kids to the grocery store, library, park, religious meeting place, neighbor's house, field trips - that's great. Homeschooled kids are consistently praised for communicating well with adults. However, communicating with peers is different.

When my daughter interacts with older ones, even with the age gap being as little as 5 or 6 years my daughter is kindly condescended upon - the other person let's her get away with a lot. When interacting with people around her own age her metal is tested - she learns how to work as a team member rather than viewing her peer as the competition.

Of great value are the friendships my daughter has with people a little older and a lot older than her. But, I have observed the differences from these relationships to those with her kids her age. Yes, the inexperience of a child or two or a group of them will lead to foolishness and problems at times but learning how to interact and get along with them is important.

What about siblings? Having a sibling or many is fabulous - a gift to your kids that helps a child grow. However, have you ever noticed the difference in how your child deals with her sibling compared to another child. It's so natural to take liberties with your brother or sister.

So, having discussed the importance of having regular association with other kids what kind of opportunities are realistic for your family?

For example, what kind of mobility do you have? Are you in the city or the country and do you have use of a vehicle during the day? Or, are you somewhat "stranded" at home?

What kind of motivation do you have as the parent to plan and get out of the house regularly? Are you willing to plan regular activities that will put your child in touch with others?

There are many activities you could enroll your child in where they could form friendships with other children. However, it could become very costly.

So, are there social disadvantages of homeschooling? There could be. But, it seems there doesn't have to be if you have the right circumstances and you are diligent in planning and initiating.

You parents who are homeschooling or want to homeschool are moms and dads who are willing to make sacrifices for your kids because you want what is best for your kids. That being said you no doubt want to give consideration to this important aspect of socialization when considering the pros and cons of homeschooling and whether it will work for you.

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