Symptoms of Miscarriage - What to Watch For

Although symptoms of miscarriage can vary somewhat, knowing as soon as possible can be of some help to cope with miscarriage.

When suffering my second miscarriage I desperately needed to know what was happening. Following are common miscarriage symptoms:

1) Bleeding And Blood Clots

I learned that spotting or bleeding real blood can be one of the early signs. Blood clots may also be one of a woman's miscarriage symptoms.

This is not a sure sign on its own though because many women experience some bleeding during pregnancy. During both of my successful pregnancies I experienced bleeding.

In fact, I didn't know I was pregnant with my first baby until I was almost three months because I was still experiencing what I thought was my menstrual period.

If pregnant less than 6 weeks, bleeding may be the only miscarriage symptom. I had my first miscarriage at two and a half weeks. I knew without a doubt that I was pregnant within a couple of days and I knew without a doubt that I miscarried more than two weeks later.

Blood with large clots started pouring out of me and it proved to be the heaviest period I have ever had. It was over so quickly, and with no pain - I was stunned. The casual and quick completion of something so life altering seemed cruel and wrong.

2) Cramping

When the pregnancy is further along cramping is also one of the miscarriage symptoms. When my spotting turned to real blood (red), the first question my mid-wife asked me was, "Are you experiencing cramping?".

This was a bit of a difficult question because I didn't have obvious deep cramping. What I did experience though, as well as with my other two successful pregnancies was a physical sensation that I might describe as more of a pinching rather than cramping.

In doing more research I discovered that a somewhat crampy pinching feeling can be normal. It is caused by your baby and everything else growing inside you and adjusting.

This time though, after 36 hours of bleeding enough to need a pad I started experiencing cramping. It just kept getting more and more intense.

3) Cessation of Pregnancy Symptoms

Many pregnant women have symptoms that make them feel that they are pregnant. These might include having to urinate a lot, breast tenderness, feeling full or bloated and nausea or vomiting.

If these symptoms stop it may be a sign of miscarriage. This is not necessarily a reliable gauge though because your body and hormones are constantly changing. Going from the first to the second trimester you may all of a sudden not feel as pregnant if, for example you are no longer feeling any nausea.

Miscarriage is horrible, and as much as you may want to ignore threatening symptoms, it could be important to act on. Sometimes, what may seem like minor miscarriage symptoms may not be, but could be a sign to get some further help. We have an early pregnancy clinic in our local hospital for complicated pregnancies - you might too.

Whatever the outcome, symptoms of miscarriage are traumatic and painful. Knowing as soon as possible might help - just a little.

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